As any Sand Diego architectural photographer who has done college photography can tell you, the newer buildings in the area commonly include features for conservation and efficiency. The Mathematics & Business building at Miramar College consists of approximately 45,899 gross square feet and 32,100 assignable square feet of new metal building construction. Designed by Baker Nowicki Design Studio, includes new “smart” classrooms equipped with computers, audiovisual and multimedia equipment. A mathematics research center and related office space for faculty and support staff are also included in the space. The new classroom building was awarded a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification for sustainable and green design by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Aside from the technical aspects of the Math and Business Building at Miramar College, the existing structure and the projects that are under construction are designed to combine the open layout that makes for comfortable learning and an artistic expression of architecture that made this subject a joy to photograph.

The few images seen here allow you to see the massive size of the structure on the exterior as well as the way the size of the building is used inside for the students and faculty staff. The picture of the computer lab includes a staple of Southern California architecture; the useful incorporation of windows to take full advantage of the ample supply of natural lighting.

A San Diego architectural photographer is not limited to taking photos of corporate sites, so when I have an opportunity to participate in a session where the subject is a public structure for education or research, I am always eager to showcase the blend of design genius and utility of the buildings. I can only imagine how the newest parts of the college will take this sort of design even further.