One of the treats of being an architectural photographer and shooting construction progress photography is to see construction as it is happening. I recently produced some construction progress photos of the Sharp Chula Vista Cancer Center. The center was designed by NTD Architects and is being constructed by a joint venture of J. Reese Construction and Kitchell.

Once finished, the facility will measure 45,000 square feet over three stories. The first level will feature the Cancer Center. The cancer center floor of the building will span 15,220-square feet and will include essential facets such as the patient lobby and waiting areas, exam rooms, and a resource center. Additionally, the cancer center floor will house doctor offices, conference rooms, nurse stations, CT scan rooms. Radiation therapy chambers and indoor and outdoor healing gardens are prominent features that will make up the cancer center once the project is completed. The design makes extensive use of natural lighting, rock gardens and interior atriums to provide a comfortable spa-like ambiance in waiting, exam, and treatment areas. A dual entrance design is employed to provide privacy for cancer patients receiving treatments.

At the point in time when I was able to photograph the construction you can see the detail of the framing. The sturdy beams and other framework will serve as the skeleton for a facility that will be at the cutting edge of design and function once the project is complete. One shot in particular captures the essence of the construction. The welder fusing together two pieces of the building’s frame really works to bring this massive project down to an intimate level. Instead of being an abstract construction project, the image of the welder reminds us all that it is only by the capable hands of the workers that this project is even possible. To me, it reminds me of the detail that is necessary in order to accomplish anything great – whether as a construction worker or architectural photographer.