Located just off of the Ontario Freeway in Rancho Cucamonga, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse is one of the premier eateries in the area. With a menu that features exciting and unique choices as well as well-prepared American cuisine staples, Fleming’s succeeds in providing a quality dining experience including great food and picturesque interior design.

My tenure as a professional interior design photographer has often taken me into some of the most exquisite restaurants in California. Each time I am drawn into the experience of a casual patron and I am able to feel what it is like for a first time visitor and what attributes work to turn first-timers into repeat customers. Inside Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse it is easy to see what draws hungry customers and exactly what keeps them coming back for more.

 While the menu and wine selections are certainly enough to draw in those with even the most discriminating palate, what sets this fine dining attraction apart are the design accents and theme that provides the overall inviting atmosphere.

The building occupies a corner space and the interior design strategy takes full advantage of that feature. None of the dining areas feel cramped yet with a comfortable amount of space; the interior seems to flow naturally without feeling airy or impersonal. Patrons are greeted to wood tones throughout and a dining table arrangement that is as suited for an intimate dinner or a lively gathering of parties several diners deep.

One of the most important features for a professional interior design photographer is the ways in which the scheming of the interior facets of the subject work with each other. At times there appears to be a lack of a consistent theme which can lead to a disjointed and ill-flowing interior design overall. At Fleming’s, the strategy is quite clear. The design of the dining area and wine bar succeeds is crafting an environment that takes advantage of the space in delivering a comforting setting without wasting space or adding design features that serve little purpose.