Palomar College TLC / San Marcos, California


As a professional architectural photographer in California, I am often able to showcase structures that serve a worthy purpose to the community while serving the area with stunning architecture and interior design. Many of the locations I’ve been afforded the opportunity to shoot offer a wealth of meaningful art as well as meaningful missions. The Palomar College Teaching & Learning Center is yet another venue where I am able to illuminate a site that accomplishes the task of serving the public good while providing breathtaking elements of artistic design. The Palomar College Teaching & Learning Center is located in Escondido, CA and sits perfectly within the campus of Palomar College. The Teaching and Learning Center combines several essential functions of the college in delivering ample means for students and faculty to collaborate for an effective and innovative instructional strategy. Among the abilities afforded by the design of the campus include a vast centralized meeting space where students and instructors are able to gather for a litany of instructional purposes. The structural key to this space is the open style that invites an unobstructed landscape where information is easily and comfortably communicated in a warm and relaxing manner. You can see how this level of comfort is conducive to an environment where learning becomes easier and student and faculty goals are easily pursued.

Outside, the scene of the main facility rests beautifully within the natural landscape. California’s renowned sunny weather allows for natural light to accentuate the nuances of the architecture. The asymmetrical lines of the Teaching and Learning Center provides a unique and invigorating appeal that adds to this uncommon balance of form and function.

As with all of the projects I pursue as a professional architectural photographer, capturing the various facets of the building required that I first view the structure and its surroundings from all angles to really appreciate the overall vision. It is this preparation that allowed me to find the right angles, under the optimum lighting conditions to convey the very best images possible.