Riverside Community College Nursing and Sciences Complex

I just wrapped up another architectural photography shoot in Riverside, California. The riverside Community College’s new Nursing and Science Education Building, designed by GKK Works, includes approximately 135,000 square-feet of educational space for the nursing and science college programs. The four-story southeast wing of the structure was designed specifically for math and science programs and includes lecture halls and support offices such as experimental, computer and study laboratories. The exterior of the building was carefully designed to promote student activity in a calm, open, and refreshing environment. The arched walkways are designed to reflect the “Old Missionary” architectural style of the campus and include a small amphitheater, and an inviting courtyard leading out to a healing garden within a short distance from the building.

My goal for this session was to capture the mood of the facility as a building. Previous projects have shown the combination of structure and staff. This shoot was intended to deliver the idea that the facility itself could be used as a motivating and comfortable environment for the nurses and other healthcare practitioners who work here every day.

As you peruse the images, notice the clean and modern feel of the railings and tile work. This theme is accented by the warmth of the wood grain seen on the walls and beams that stretch high into the ceilings. I think this combination is a perfect way to represent the nature of work for the staff. They are professional and highly-trained and also warm, compassionate, and dedicated practitioners.

The use of natural lighting works to conserve energy and deliver the healing rays from the sun. Students and nurses can feel the warmth of the southern California sun while they learn – all while protecting the environment through energy conservation. Architectural photography often allows us to see what is important to the designers and builders. In the case of the Riverside Community College – Nursing & Science/Math Complex, it’s apparent that what is most important is the ability of the complex to enable the staff and students to achieve their best work.