UC Riverside School of Medicine / Riverside, California


As a professional architectural photographer involved with university photography, the real joy is found in discovering new ways to capture works of design art. There were ample opportunities for appreciation at the UC Riverside School of Medicine. The subject of this shoot was the three-story School of Medicine Research Building located in Riverside, California. Designed by SRG Partnership, the structure spans approximately 58,000 square feet designed to meet the LEED Silver sustainability standards of the U.S. Green Building Council. Among the many facets of the building that caught my eye, the fascinating parts of learning about the complex were found in the details of the school’s commitment to efficiency and conservation. The research building utilizes natural day lighting and a “night flushing” cooling system to take advantage of cool nighttime air, thereby reducing energy usage for air conditioning. A portion of the building materials have recycled content and the landscaping is water-efficient.

You will notice from the images that the building embodies a forward-thinking design concept. Inside, the interior design shows a modern and clean look. You can almost feel the technology in the images – a sense of the technical genius that is applied to the research conducted at the school.

A professional architectural photographer is at his or her best when the subject of the shoot is able to stand as it is rather than be used to project a predetermined mood. I had no intentions to make anything new out of the building but rather to find and capture the ways in which the structure shines on its own.

The most important part of the facility is the staff of students and other researchers who utilize the building for their important work. These images show a building that is able to accommodate the professionals who work tirelessly to further the study of medicine. You can imagine that this stunning structure will continue to be the setting for groundbreaking research for years to come.