North City Campus / San Diego, California


San Diego architectural building photographer, Emil Kara recently photographed The North City Campus - a new, two-story, 42,000-square-foot facility located in San Diego, California. It is designated as the Campus of Excellence for Multimedia and Innovation for San Diego Continuing Education. The new facility includes general classroom space, computer labs, multipurpose space, and administrative offices to support the business technology curriculum. The building has been designated as “The Center for Technological Excellence” at SDCCD and is targeting LEED® Platinum. Sustainability is incorporated into the overall design with features such as an open air courtyard that provides day lighting and natural ventilation opportunities to the majority of interior spaces. Other areas of focus include energy and water use reduction, and storm water retention for landscape irrigation. The North City Campus manages to take the most cutting-edge ideas for efficiency and match it with forward-thinking design and construction. Most notably in the design choices for the builders and designers is the way the North City Campus is able to seamlessly blend the outside environment to the interior spaces of the structure.

You’ll notice in several areas of the building how the outside is brought inside. Some of the usable spaces are so mindful of the outdoors that it isn’t clear which parts of the building are considered indoors and which are decidedly outdoors – a benefit of the moderate and comfortable weather that only Southern California affords.

The building photography shows a brilliant eye for capturing the unique design both as a structure able to accommodate study but also as a way for architecture to serve as a means of community art on a grand scale. Kara’s style of photography specifically frames the building’s interior space as well as the ways in which The North City Campus brings a vibrant and modern scene to the region.