Eno Wine Bar / San Francisco, California


One of the most satisfying parts of restaurant photography is the sheer number of interesting subjects to shoot. The ENO Wine Bar is one such place where there are a bounty of features that beg to be captured in print. I recently had the privilege of photographing the ENO Wine Bar where I was able to find all sorts of ways in which the bar stands out as a truly remarkable establishment. The planning stages of any photo session involves scouting the location to uncover ideas for the final shoot. When I visited ENO, I was immediately struck by the interior design that blends a warm and inviting atmosphere with a high-quality feel that is sure to please patrons. Some of the features that caught my eye included the string of stone wall treatments that hung from the ceilings. Touches like these decorations really showcase an attention to detail that was seen throughout the building.

Other features that are sure to be the topic of conversation for wine aficionados were the uniquely shaped stemware and how the light wood of the tables presented the perfect canvas to display the deep reds and sparkling blondes of the wide array of wine selections.

The fireplaces and stainless fixtures were subtle touches that spoke to ENO’s high-class environment and the various cushioned seating were evidence that the designers intended visitors to be comfortable as they sampled the vino.

Having a wine bar so closed to California’s wine country demands that the experience be a unique one. ENO Wine Bar begins to differentiate itself from the pack of other wine bars with strikingly golden doorways that really stand out amidst the assortment of shops near Union Square.

Being involved with restaurant photography, one becomes accustomed to used to seeing a wide range of retail and restaurant establishments, the detail of ENO is important in creating a different vibe and one that is sure to attract those who favor great wine as well as interesting and eclectic interior design.